121 – Louise Green “The More We See, The More We Can Be”

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120 – Adelaide Perr “If You’re Not Happy, Do Something Different”

Meet the incredible Adelaide Perr. Apparently I met Adelaide many years ago, you’ll hear more about that in the interview, but I came to know about her as a woman who in 2014 suffered serious trauma due to a bike/car crash.

119 – Body Talk

One of my early 2019 highlights was helping to coordinate the Skirt Sports spring studio shoot. This was basically the culmination of my creative vision for our brand and our new products.

118 – Heather Caplan Just Says No to Diet Culture

Today’s guest, Heather Caplan, is a dietitian, running coach, a woman who has struggled and overcome. She shares deeply and openly about our relationship with food, eating, body image and more.

117 – Melanie Murphy the Master of Self-Defense says “Learn how to Roar”

I recently took a free self defense class at Way of the Crane in Boulder. It was hosted by Newton Running and the sensei, Melanie Murphy, was fantastic.

116 – Sally Bergesen “Birds of a Feather…”

Our guest is someone that might surprise you. Ten years ago it would have surprised me that I reached out to her. Her name is Sally Bergesen and she’s the founder of women’s athletic wear brand Oiselle.

115 – Tracey Hulick Ran 50 Miles with One Kidney

I first came across Tracey Hulick when I opened the front page of the Denver Post Sports section and there she was running an ultra.

114 – Erin Weed Digs You

The first experience I had with Erin Weed was sitting in her office in Boulder for two days sharing the stories of my life with the goal of getting to the heart of who I am and what I was meant to do – in one word.

113 – Dawn Miller “Your Life is Worth It”

Dawn Miller was living what she thought was the perfect life. Mom of 4. Homeschooler. Happily married. Doing all the right things. Believing that her way was the best way.

112 – Kristin Reihman “Are You Trying to Live or Are You Trying to Die?”

Kristin Reihman is one of my favorite people on the planet and one of my longest-known guests. I met her in 1990 my first day of swim practice at Yale!

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