125 – Ismael Araya “I was going too fast in life”

Ismael Araya is a surfing legend, a survivor, and today a surf instructor who helps people find happiness, even though he doesn’t have full use of his legs anymore. Ish’s story is both heartbreaking and hopeful. He was a young, self-taught surfing prodigy who gained early fame as his surfing career started to take off. But his lack of discipline combined with a lack of support led to unhealthy drug use and an inability to control his anger. Ish didn’t reach the highest echelons in his sport at that time and instead, he floundered and simply survived. Until one day when he almost didn’t survive. Ish literally died twice under a bus when he went of out control on his motorcycle over 6 years ago. He was revived only to be told he would never walk again. That’s when the Ish I know today was born.

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124 – Fran Dunaway Delivers Freedom through Underwear

Fran Dunaway is the co-founder of TomboyX – a gender neutral apparel brand that made its name in undies. She describes herself as coming out of the womb a boss, but I would say that Fran is the farthest thing from bossy. She’s gracious, humble, compassionate, thoughtful. She’s also incredibly smart, one of the best strategic thinkers I’ve ever met, incredibly brave and she’s seriously disrupting an industry.

123 – Kikkan Randall Made a 10 Year Plan & Won Gold

Sometimes we choose to do things that push us out of our comfort zones. Sometimes those things happen to us and we have to dig in, embrace the discomfort and use all of our tools to push through. Kikkan Randall has experienced both categories.

122 – Rich Roll on the Other Side of the Mic

Rich Roll is the host of the very popular Rich Roll Podcast which may be what he’s best known for these days. He’s also an author who just released a new edition of his book "Finding Ultra" which chronicles his tumultuous path from awkward kid to national level swimmer. It was during college at Stanford when he started drinking which really became the next chapter in his life even while going to law school and started work as a lawyer. Rich eventually went to rehab and got sober, but he still wasn’t healthy. He finally had a wakeup call the night before he turned 40 and realized that he needed to overhaul the rest of his life. That’s when he became vegan, started exercising and his true potential began to emerge.

121 – Louise Green “The More We See, The More We Can Be”

Louise Green is a badass. Her passion is to create a more inclusive world. Her work focuses mainly on women (including herself) who are often polarized due to their size. Louise and I have an incredible conversation that really boils down to this... What it means to find happiness and health no matter what your circumstances are.

120 – Adelaide Perr “If You’re Not Happy, Do Something Different”

Meet the incredible Adelaide Perr. Apparently I met Adelaide many years ago, you’ll hear more about that in the interview, but I came to know about her as a woman who in 2014 suffered serious trauma due to a bike/car crash.

119 – Body Talk

One of my early 2019 highlights was helping to coordinate the Skirt Sports spring studio shoot. This was basically the culmination of my creative vision for our brand and our new products.

118 – Heather Caplan Just Says No to Diet Culture

Today’s guest, Heather Caplan, is a dietitian, running coach, a woman who has struggled and overcome. She shares deeply and openly about our relationship with food, eating, body image and more.

117 – Melanie Murphy the Master of Self-Defense says “Learn how to Roar”

I recently took a free self defense class at Way of the Crane in Boulder. It was hosted by Newton Running and the sensei, Melanie Murphy, was fantastic.

116 – Sally Bergesen “Birds of a Feather…”

Our guest is someone that might surprise you. Ten years ago it would have surprised me that I reached out to her. Her name is Sally Bergesen and she’s the founder of women’s athletic wear brand Oiselle.

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