Whoa Where Did My Body Go?

January 30, 2014 Leave your thoughts

I had a baby two years ago.

Before that, I was a professional triathlete. I trained 20-30 hours a week. I was strong and lean. I weighed 135-140 pounds. I wore a size small and all my clothes fit me perfectly.

Now, I’m a more-than-full-time career woman, chasing a 2-year-old, and trying to fit 5-8 hours of exercise into an overflowing week. I am strong and healthy. I weigh 135-140 pounds… And none of my clothes fit me anymore!

What the hell?!

It’s like I woke up one day and realized that I have a new body, masquerading as my old body. For all practical purposes, it serves the same purposes, but IT IS NOT THE SAME BODY!

Let’s start with injuries. Old body never got injured. But New body seems to invite injuries, primarily in my lower back and my left foot. Old body would feel a small “tweak” coming on, I would back off my workouts for a day, and the tweak would magically disappear. New body moves its neck at the wrong angle and I can’t turn my head to one side for a week!

Moving on to my middle. Yes, I said my middle. This is an area I previously showed off with abandon. Recently, I was trying to find a basic tee to wear, and I swear, ALL of my tees are belly tees. They are literally 5 inches shorter than I would prefer to wear them now. Who was this belly-baring, ab-flaunting chick? I’m almost embarrassed thinking about it! Was I really wearing belly shirts when I was 37? I know I wore them in college, but everything you do in college is allowed to include a disclaimer, as in “I rode my bike down Main Street at midnight wearing nothing but body paint…”*

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I love New Body. She is still strong and fit. She has a very special scar that she will proudly wear forever, where my baby girl made her entrance to this world. But she’s also a little crankier and creakier. Because of that, I need to be more patient with her and show her more love and respect. That’s what I need to work on.

After I had my baby, I talked a lot about “getting my Old body back,” but here’s the truth. Old body is gone. New body is here to stay. The key is accepting New body. I’m pretty sure that means it’s time to say goodbye to the belly tees. And hello to a whole new world of awesome clothes that will actually make New body feel really good about herself! Yes, I’m using this as an opportunity to shop.

On that note, when Keli (our designer) and I brainstormed our 2014 spring collection, we had long discussions about how Skirt’s goal is to help women feel beautiful in the bodies they have, not to suggest they change their bodies to meet an unrealistic standard. So we decided that it was time to expand our offering. We made MORE – of everything – so our products could actually fit REAL WOMEN’S BODIES! We recognize that no two bodies are the same, and as I showcase here, over the course of our lives, our bodies will evolve and change many times. I am excited to share these great new styles to help you embrace your current body and provide the comfort, support and style you deserve as you and your body evolve. We’ll start debuting new styles next week!

The key is to embrace and love what you have when you have it. So here’s to loving our New Bodies!


*this event occurred during college

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