124 – Fran Dunaway Delivers Freedom through Underwear

Fran Dunaway is the co-founder of TomboyX – a gender neutral apparel brand that made its name in undies. She describes herself as coming out of the womb a boss, but I would say that Fran is the farthest thing from bossy. She’s gracious, humble, compassionate, thoughtful. She’s also incredibly smart, one of the best strategic thinkers I’ve ever met, incredibly brave and she’s seriously disrupting an industry.

61 – Sharing the Beauty & the Crap with Olympian, Entrepreneur & Pot-Stirrer Nick Symmonds

  Meet Nick Symmonds. He is truly a man on the move. Nick is a 2-time Olympian, has medaled at 13 USA Championships (including 9 Golds). Along the way he learned to love running (believe it or not, he did NOT love running when he started). He became a staunch advocate for athletes’ rights. He […]

35 – Mike Glauser on Doing What You Love

Meet Mike Glauser the ultimate entrepreneur. Mike knew early on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but instead of jumping in headfirst, he went to school to study entrepreneurship and found that while he learned a ton, he needed hands-on experience to test his book-smarts. This led to founding multiple businesses, teaching entrepreneurship at the university level and writing bestseller "Main Street Entrepreneur" after interviewing 100 entrepreneurs in 100 towns across America.