Stop Cleavage Chafing – Skirt Sports to the Rescue!

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When I won Ironman Wisconsin in 2004, I employed a trick of the trade that I’d utilized many times before. I shoved some gels down my swimsuit – in between my barely-there breasts. I have affectionately named this “special area” Cleavage Alley and I love it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s very easy to access.
  • When anchored by a support bra, it is generally a low-bounce area. This applies to all cup sizes, not just A-cuppers like me.
  • It’s pretty safe. You can almost guarantee that people will not be sticking their hands down there to steal your stuff.

For years I used Cleavage Alley to stash my energy gels during races. I usually crammed two gels down my swimsuit, and only a few times did they slide all the way down to my crotch!

After I started Skirt Sports, I broadened my athletic horizons and decided to enter the New York Marathon in 2005. It was an awesome event. I wore our original TRIKS Marathon Girl in Shiny Latte (anyone remember that one?!), some performance tee (we didn’t make tops in our first year), and a basic jogbra.

I remember 3 things about the race:

  1. I ran my fastest-ever half marathon and it felt easy (I think I went out in 1:26).
  2. I ran my slowest-ever half marathon and it felt like death (I think I came home in 2 hours).
  3. The space between my breasts was chafed raw after the race.

I wasn’t worried about the catastrophic bonk. I would surely improve on my marathon result next time. Actually, I later realized that after racing Ironman events for so many years, when I signed up for this marathon, I didn’t take it seriously enough. It was “just a marathon” after all, just one little segment of a 10 hour Ironman event! But that’s another story.

No, it wasn’t the run I cared about. Instead, I was devastated by the condition of my special, sweet, perfect Cleavage Alley. If there’s one spot on our bodies that we want to keep pristine, it’s right between our treasured breasts. Yes, there are other wonderful spots, but we can’t see them as easily, so they don’t get as much attention. But our breasts and their beautiful Alleyway are up front and personal, every time we look in the mirror.

Sadly, my ingenious cleavage storage compartment strategy had backfired this time. Because I wasn’t constantly dousing myself with water (like I did during triathlons), and because my bra actually had an elastic support band (unlike my standard swimsuits), my energy gels with their sharp little edges were trapped in place, constantly rubbing against the insides of my breasts.

After the marathon, while applying Neosporin to my wound, I started brainstorming ways to avoid this horrible disfigurement in the future. It suddenly hit me – a protective fabric barrier!

I immediately started developing a pocket BUILT INTO the shelf bra of our upcoming Triathlon Tank. We officially launched the Skirt Sports Cleavage Alley Pocket in 2007 in our Multi Sport Collection.

Today, you can find Skirt Sports Cleavage Alley pocket in virtually every style we make that has a built-in shelf bra. Don’t worry ladies, Skirt Sports has your back – and your breasts!


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