Skirt Sports


Skirt Sports was created in 2004 to solve a problem. I could not find a pair of running shorts that worked for my body. Shorts rode up. Thighs chafed. Lycra shorts showed too much. So I set out to find a solution, and from that early inspiration, I created something that had never been done before – a skirt for running. Skirt Sports hit the market in 2005 and has never looked back. In the early years, we focused on converting the world to Skirt and created a massive demand with this new, exciting category.

Ten years later Skirt Sports is going stronger than ever. We have evolved from a one-style brand into the only passionately inclusive women’s fitness apparel brand in the world. Women used to look at our product line and say, “I need to get in shape so I can wear your stuff.” To which I said, “NO! You have it backward. Our clothing will help you get in shape!”

Our mission is to help women break their own barriers in their quest for happiness through the transformative power of running and fitness. We are the only brand that creates products that fit REAL women’s bodies. We are proud to support women of all body types, activity levels, backgrounds, ages and with a wide range of challenges and goals.


Skirt Sports welcomes you into our community and encourages you to be proud of who you are – just as you are! Join us in celebrating the strength and courage of REAL women.

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