Pregnant – And Sick!

June 16, 2011 Leave your thoughts


Super bummer! I’m in the glorious 2nd trimester and look what happens? Just when I’m supposed to be feeling great, I come down with a cold. In the summer no less! There is only one way to sum it up.


It totally sucks being pregnant and sick.


This is not simply the relaxed mucous membranes creating a more steady nasal drip. This is a full-on cold. It started in my head, then made its way down into my throat and five days later, it is front and center in my lungs.


How I handled my first official pregnancy cold:


#1 – Denial

I spent Wednesday on the couch and then told myself I was well enough to go to Colorado Springs on Thursday to watch our Skirt Sports pro golfer, Ryann O’Toole, kick some ass in the U.S. Women’s Open. Two things happened. Her play was suspended due to weather so I couldn’t even watch her in action. And the second I rounded the corner to my home at 11PM, I felt the cold come charging back.


#2 – Treatment

Friday was spent on the couch, suffering. In the morning, I called my midwives office and asked what approved medicines I could take. They said they would get back to me. I then took a 4-hour nap. Seriously. 4-HOUR NAP! At 5PM I called the midwives to tell them that I REALLY NEEDED SOME HELP! CAN’T THEY SEE I’M SUFFERING! They read a list of approved medicines that I could have pulled up online. I thought there was a special trick to this stuff.


I then sent Tim on a “Get Nicole Some Meds” excursion. He came back with a bottle of generic Tylenol. I asked what happened – he was supposed to get Tylenol Cold & Sinus. He told me that at the Target pharmacy, there were ZERO brand name drugs on the shelves. They were all recalled for some reason. What the heck!!!? Why today!??? So Tylenol it was


#3 – Sympathy outreach

I started by calling my sister. She told me that she never took medicine during her four pregnancies. She said she just sucked it up. She suggested tea, gargling salt water, and rest. Darn her! I wanted some serious insider info.


I started calling around for a second opinion, hungry for a shortcut. Every single mom I talked to said the same thing. Suck it up. Yes, take some Tylenol, but basically suck it up. My sympathy quest was a pretty strong failure.


Tim has been fantastic. We are now kissing like they do in Europe – cheek to cheek. Poor Tim is preparing for an epic Iron distance event in Norway (the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon), so he really can’t get sick right now. He is at my mercy and continues to be my consummate supporter (He has no choice!). As he so perfectly puts it, “It’s just taking a lot longer because you’re body is not fighting it like normal. All your good resources are going to fuel the baby.”


Of course he’s right and I know that this is all for a much greater cause. It is now Monday and I’m wondering just how much oomph this cold has left. For I am sadly at its mercy.

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