Plant-Powered October – the Engine 2 Challenge Starts soon!

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2015 is my year of eating! Eating experimentation that is. I have a natural curiosity about all things health and fitness related. I also have an innate drive to do things outside the box. I am not a creature of habit. I enjoy some structure, but I will never be happy doing the same thing every day for the rest of my life. It’s not how I’m built. So 2015 has proven to be an interesting culinary year for me as I’ve tried all sorts of different eating regimes.


After Gluten-free Feb, No Dessert April, Vegetarian June (with a Vegan Challenge week), and Food Tracking Sept, I finally decided to bite the bullet and attempt a more structured eating challenge. I am starting the Engine 2 Diet on Monday, October 5th by kicking off with their Engine 2 Challenge.


Why Engine 2?

I’m interested in finding a long-term eating “program” that will make me healthier than I’ve ever been, improve my energy throughout the day, and play to my natural tendencies. If it feels constricting, I won’t do it. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t do it. If I have to count calories, I won’t do it. If I can’t eat dessert, I definitely won’t do it!

E2 brownies

The Engine 2 Diet is geared toward eating healthy for life. The focus is not on losing weight (although that is a general result of adapting to the program), but it’s about clearing out your arteries and making you the healthiest person you can be – from the inside out.


Plus I know Rip Esselstyn from my days as a professional triathlete. I’ve watched his evolution from athlete (He was one of the fastest swimmers ever in the sport of triathlon) to firefighter to health activist. And I trust him. He’s done the research and he’s proven what this diet can do to lower your cholesterol and come as close as possible to making you immune to most of the chronic diseases that plague the western world. The guy is amazing. Just watch his videos and see how many lives he’s changed.



There are many eating programs out there. You need to choose the one that feels right to you. Engine 2 is a plant-powered diet that allows you to eat lots of yummy, healthy, unprocessed foods with a goal of lowering your cholesterol and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. That’s what I want. Sign me up! The Engine 2 Diet feels right for my mind and I’m about to see how it feels for my body too.


Starting October 5, I will begin the Engine 2 Challenge. Here’s how it works. You can go full-bore and start with Week 3 (Firefighter approach) or you can “ease in” and eliminate foods each week (Fire Cadet). I’m taking the Cadet approach.


Week 1: Cut out all dairy and processed foods

Week 2: Cut out all meat products (including eggs)

Week 3: Cut out all oils

Week 4: Keep it going!


Join me! I know it’s short notice, but it will be easier if we can do it together. Download this Engine 2 Challenge Guide EBook – it answers many questions about the program. I’ll be prepping the pantry and making some meals this weekend. Dying to make the Sweet Holy Deliciousness Soup and Handstand Burgers. WOW! Shortcuts include buying E2 products at Whole Foods (you know they’ll be compliant!). I will continue to post over the next 28 days and look forward to hearing from you.


Who’s with me for Plant-Strong October fueled by Engine 2?

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