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I’m not talking about library books. I’m talking about our little bundle of joy, originally due to enter the world on December 17th. I started maternity leave on December 1st, assuming I would have a solid two weeks to chill out. Turns out I’ve had a month-long vacation!


I’ve decided that I’m not sold on due dates. Our midwife wisely said, “We should not assign due dates; we should just assign END DATES!” I love this philosophy for a few reasons.


  1. Due dates are not a perfect science. Someone told me today that due dates can be up to 15 days off. When you use ovulation sticks to determine the perfect timing, it’s hard to believe you could be that far off, but I guess it’s possible.


  1. First time pregnancies tend to be a little late. Of course this is a generalization, but it makes sense from the following standpoint. Your body has never done this before, so it’s not quite sure what to do! I’ve heard from many women that their bodies moved things along faster for 2nd or 3rd kids. Even the midwives said that for #1, you need to come in to the hospital when contractions are 3-5 minutes apart. For subsequent pregnancies, you need to get rolling when you’re at 5-7 minutes because things progress faster. Having a baby in the car is more likely for #2 than #1!


  1. Babies determine when they are ready to arrive. This is generally during the 38-42 week incubation period that we call pregnancy! If firsties take longer, than it makes sense that she’ll be here around 42 weeks. I had a tough time with this one, because I wanted to plan her arrival based on my efforts. I spent the entire pregnancy doing everything I could to make my body a happy home for our girl. I’m learning something very important right now. I cannot control our Baby Girl!


We are so close now. Every day I wake up and think, “Am I still pregnant?” Some mornings I forget. That is, until I try to roll over and sit up. There’s a beach ball in the way!


Since we’re on the late side, we’ve had some additional testing, including an ultrasound to check the level of amniotic fluid which looked great. The best part of the ultrasound was when the technician said, “Look at those fat folds – she is a healthy one!” At least we know that she will not be underdeveloped. And from what I’ve heard, robust babies sleep better. That sounds pretty great to me (remember my last blog about sleep anxiety?)!


Clearly the anticipation has reached a breaking point. I can’t wait to meet her. Tim is dying to meet her. We want to know what she looks like, how she smells, how she moves, and how she connects with us and everyone else. We want to introduce our Baby Girl to the world!


Until then, we are living by the day, the hour, the minute. We are going the full 42 weeks, to give her the chance to make her move without any medical intervention. I know many of you have experience with this, so please help me out and comment below with any and all natural induction techniques. We will try it all! We have 3 days left!


If she needs a little nudge, we are on the schedule to be induced on January 1st. It wasn’t my plan, but her safety is our number one priority and as I mentioned above, I need to work on my flexibility!


If you want to help, join us in the baby chant, “Come on Baby Girl. I know you’ve had fun floating around for 9 months, but it’s time to come out. It’s time to see the world!”

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