No I’m Not Having Twins – The Things People Say…

September 28, 2011 Leave your thoughts

No I’m not having twins! No I’m not due any day now!


I walked onto the pool deck the other day, and a woman stopped me and said, “I just got home from visiting my new granddaughter. You are going to have so much fun. Are you ready?” I said, “Well, I have over two more months.” While staring at my apparently enormous belly, she replied, “Oh, you don’t have that long. You look like you’re ready to pop.”


Yes, people are using the phrase, “You look like you are ready to pop,” on a daily basis now.


I’m 31 weeks pregnant and so far I’ve put on about 26 pounds. That’s far less weight gain than many other women I’ve talked to. If I gain a pound a week until the end, I’ll gain 35 pounds which is perfectly in line with the 25-35 that they suggest these days. So, what is it about my body that makes people feel compelled to tell me that I look like I could go into labor any second?


These comments aren’t actually new but they’re hitting a different volume and intensity. If you can remember, my stomach started sticking out pretty much right away. By week 15, people were shocked that I wasn’t already heading into my third trimester. At that time, I was reading all the “what to expect” type books and they said that with your first child, you may not even show at all for six months. I definitely proved them wrong.


I will admit that my belly button popped out about three months ago. Some people truly believe that the belly button is like a meat thermometer. When it pops, the baby is ready. So in their defense, if they are focused purely on my belly button, then I can understand the confusion!


Over the past few weeks, I’ve engaged in various versions of the following conversation, nearly every day.


Random woman: “How far along are you?”

Me: “30 weeks”

Random woman, now with look of shock and horror: “Are you sure you’re not having twins?”

Me: “Yes I’m sure. There’s only one.”

Random woman: “You’re going to have a HUGE baby. You look much bigger than 30 weeks.”

Me: “Thank you so much. That is so helpful and I feel so good now.”


Okay – So I don’t actually say the last part out loud, but I definitely think it every time! I don’t really have a good comeback. I need a good comeback.


On a serious note, even with all the funny interactions, I want to say that I am absolutely loving my pregnancy. It’s not always easy, but all the love and support I’ve received have helped tremendously. I am blown away by all of your comments and advice. I feel so lucky! I know that we are all in this together. And to all those pregnant women who I ever asked, “How far along are you?” I’m so sorry if I hurt your feelings! I just didn’t know until now. I can promise that I won’t do it again!


In the meantime, I think I should be grateful that I haven’t yet been asked if I’m having triplets!

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