My Sister Michele, The Baby Whisperer

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I am incredibly lucky. Not only do I know a real live Baby Whisperer, but she happens to be within my very closest circle of family and friends. She’s my sister.


Baby whisperers make it look easy. I’ve always noticed people who make certain things look easy. They are the best in the world at what they do. Michael Jordan nailed fifty point games without breaking a sweat. Kerri Walsh and Misty May were virtually unbeatable for years, maybe even a decade. How about Michael Phelps? How many kids are now visualizing his form in order to be the best they can be? Nuf said!


Michele Molzahn Green came to visit last week while Tim was out of town. I picked her up at the airport and the Baby Whispering began immediately. Let me just say, Wilder has never slept as much as she did the day Michele arrived. It was as if her Aura infiltrated the car immediately. Somehow Wilder knew she was in the presence of a pro.


Not only do Baby Whisperers have an Aura, they also have Techniques. Her visit began with a photo shoot for Wilder’s six week birthday. I went to the bathroom for a second and when I came out, Michele was using a new tummy hold and Wilder was peacefully mugging for the camera. This set the tone. I knew I needed to absorb like a sponge.


Next up: Lunch at a restaurant. Yes, a real sit-down restaurant. We were seated, and on cue, Wilder started fussing in her car seat. Michele stood up and initiated a mini-swinging/rocking technique. She said, “Do this for five minutes and you will have a great lunch.” Sure enough, Wilder was knocked out for the entire lunch. Later, at dinner one night, I decided to calm Wilder using Michele’s technique. But it didn’t work – she just kept crying and fussing. Michele said, “You need to lift the car seat about six inches higher.” Six inches later and Wilder was peacefully sleeping for the rest of dinner. What the!!! Six inches equals magic? These Baby Whisperers are seriously good.


One afternoon Wilder was being a bit stubborn and decided that even though she was very tired, she didn’t want to go down for a nap. Tim and I had been trying to introduce a pacifier with the hope that she would accept another device (other than a nipple!) to soothe and comfort herself. Our attempts usually ended with a screaming Wilder and a mad dash to the couch with “My Brest Friend” ready to roll. That afternoon, I went downstairs to do a short elliptical workout and literally five minutes after I started, Michele tapped me on the shoulder. She had a calmly sleeping Wilder in her arms, with a pacifier in her mouth! She showed me the Technique: light tapping on the outside of the paci. Who would have known?! I certainly wouldn’t.


Another night, I was remarking on Wilder’s gas and how we need to use gas relief drops. Michele said, “Do you burp her?” I said, “We try, but it doesn’t always work.” She just smiled and the next time Wilder fed, Michele held her and started making a circular rubbing motion on Wilder’s back. A minute later, a nice, hefty burp escaped. Come on! Circular rubbing motion? That’s it?! Good lord, I had a lot to learn.


When we dropped Michele off at the airport, I started to panic. How could I do this without her? I had come to rely on her Techniques. I had grown accustomed to bathing in her Aura. I was comfortable with her around. I’m no Baby Whisperer. How could I face a day without her? I had no choice. She lives in Chicago and has her own family to care for. I couldn’t keep her forever. So I took a deep breath and started the long drive home. When I was close to home, I smiled. Her Aura must have lingered because Wilder slept the entire ride.


If you have ever encountered a real life Baby Whisperer, please share any and all techniques with us newbies. We have lots to learn.


About Michele Molzahn Green:

Older sister to Nicole, Michele lives in Yorkville, Illinois. She grew up swimming and was on a state qualifying relay team with Nicole while in high school. Today, she has four kids ranging in age from 5 to 12 – Molly, Julia, Jimmy and Christie. She not only manages the lives of her kids and husband, Chip, but she is also Skirt Sports’ Accounts Receivable Manager and a coach for Girls on the Run. And did I forget to mention: Baby Whisperer Extraordinaire!




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