Kicking & Slowing Down

August 9, 2011 Leave your thoughts


Two things happened recently.


  1. I felt the baby kick.
  2. I’m getting really slow.


I’ve decided that these two things must go hand in hand.


When I first got pregnant, everyone said that the kicking would be an incredible experience. Most people suggested it would feel like little flutters. Here’s how it happened to me. I woke up one morning and while I was lying in bed (trying to decide if I should get up) my stomach muscle on my left side started to twitch. Twitch twitch twitch. As I gained a little more consciousness, I realized that I’ve never had a muscle twitch in my stomach. I’ve had my fair share in my legs, shoulders, even my eyelids, but not my stomach. Then it dawned on me – Baby was kicking!


I immediately sat up and called out to Tim, only to realize that sitting up and calling out to Tim was exactly the signal the baby needed to stop kicking. I think the baby is already purposely misbehaving! We’re in big trouble.


Around the same time that I started to feel the kicking, I noticed something interesting about my workouts. It is taking a lot longer to go the same distance. In other words, I’m getting slow. I would estimate that I’m 20-30% slower now than pre-pregnancy. In every activity. My running went from 7-8 minute miles to 10 minute miles. Bike rides that previously took an hour are now 20 minutes longer. In the pool, I can usually hit the wall at 1:10 for a 100 in my sleep. Now I’m working really hard to go 1:25. My hikes are slower and the breathing is heavier. Lifting light weights has become a cardio workout!


My philosophy is that the bigger the baby grows, it funnels more of my energy into its daily routine of twitching, kicking and swimming around. It’s science! Duh! Baby kicks. I get more tired.


I guess this is where it really all begins. My life as I knew it is already over. My selfish activities, my alone time, and my “old body” are all things of the past. Someday I may feel the urge to write about “my old life” and possibly mourn a few of the things that are going to change forever. And I know I’ll dedicate some time toward getting back in shape and appreciating my “new body” when it appears.


But for now, bring on those kicks! I’ve been training for something or other for 30 years. Now it’s time for me to sit back a little bit and enjoy the sweet little kicks before they turn into punches!


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