It’s all about Sex!

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In this case, we’re actually talking gender, but I got your attention, didn’t I?!!!


First and foremost – DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! – You must read this entire blog and let the anticipation build before we tell you if we’re bringing a new boy or girl into the world. I know, big deal, who really cares. But I have to say that I DO! I do not want to wait to find out. I respect those of you who wanted the surprise. But I don’t need the surprise. Everything else has been a surprise. I WANT TO KNOW! Fortunately so does Tim or we’d be in big trouble, because a secret of that magnitude is tough to hide!


What I’m finding is that Boy vs Girl is a big debate. Everyone asks this question, “Which do you want more?” Come on! That is so unfair! Any answer other than “I’ll be equally joyously happy with either” sets you up for a 50% chance of disappointment. I can safely say that I have zero preference; since I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, I’ll be equally out of my league with either!


In order to figure out the baby’s gender prior to the official 20 week (in our case, 22 week) ultrasound, we completed the following highly technical, scientific methods.


Needle and thread trick.

Directions: Thread a needle with about 12 inches of thread. Place it in your palm and lift it straight up so the needle is dangling above your palm. Hold it there until it starts to do one of two things.


  1. Swing back and forth like a pendulum.
  2. Swing in a circle.


The pendulum means boy. The circle means girl. Hmmmm…. This may be a little too anatomically correct! Without knowing what I was even looking for, I held up the needle and watched as it slowly started to swing in a circle.



My Chinese fertility acupuncturist, Ting Liang, made the announcement at only 8 months that “Likelihood of girl is greater than that of boy.” His method consisted of listening to my pulse for 5 minutes, looking me in the eye and saying, “Do you really want to know?” A few weeks later, I asked if it was still a girl. He laughed and said, “What do you want me to tell you? Yes, still a girl!”


Playing the genetic odds game.

As we know, the sex is determined by whether an X or Y-sperm get to the egg first. That means Daddy’s genes are pretty darn important. So, here’s the deal. Tim has 3 brothers. Those 3 boys have a combined 7 children, broken down as follows: 5 girls, 2 boys. If you want to throw my sister into the mix, just for fun, she has 3 girls and 1 boy. You get the picture.


We asked people.

Everyone has an opinion. They ask questions like, “Have you been sick?”, “How’s your complexion?”, and my personal favorite, “Have you been regular?” Apparently, depending on my answer, the baby is more likely to be a boy or girl. People also simply look and you and make declarations based on the state of your body and how you are “carrying” the baby. My very favorite conversation was the morning before the ultrasound. Tim and I were doing our usual hike and crossed paths with a trail-regular. He asked how I was doing and I told him we were getting the ultrasound in an hour to find out the baby’s gender. Without hesitation, he blurted out, “Girl.” I asked why. He said, “I knew the first time I saw you.”


As I said, these are highly technical opinions. So, what’s the answer?!!! Will we have a new Baby Girl DeBoom or a new Baby Boy DeBoom?


Drum roll please….



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