I Sneezed and Peed

July 8, 2011 Leave your thoughts


Something new happened the other day.


I sneezed and peed.


It was an interesting moment. One second I was happily sitting on the couch. I felt a sneeze coming on. I braced for the usual sneeze sensation. The next thing I knew… some pee came out! Mind you, it was just a dribble. I looked up and said, “uh oh.” Tim stopped his sautee’ing in the kitchen and asked, “Did you pee?”


We’ve been prepped for this moment. We knew it would come. Every woman who has ever been pregnant has warned me that I could expect some lovely times ahead in the land of the bladder. So here I am, 30 weeks pregnant, and I’ve begun to pee myself.


Incontinence is not a side effect of having children that I was properly prepared for before I got pregnant. I only learned of its existence after I started talking to women when I was already pregnant. What I’ve learned so far is that like everything else in pregnancy, every woman’s bladder is different.


Some women say that their bladders were never the same again. They will forever brace before every sneeze, and they will face the consequences if they decide to join their children on the trampoline.


Some women say that like everything else, your bladder goes back to normal at some point, it just takes a while.


Some women tell me that they will forever wear a light pad when they go running.


One woman told me that a few days after she got home from the hospital, she watched her husband trying to change a diaper and as she stood in the doorway and started laughing, she peed straight down her leg. Not just a dribble either!


Others say, “It’s just part of it. You don’t even realize it after a while. You just get used to it. You deal with it.”


When I ask what I can do to mitigate this situation, I get the same answer from everyone – KEGELS! So there you have it. If you’ve started tinkling at odd times, know that you’re not alone. I’m right there with you! And if you didn’t do at least one Kegel while reading this blog, you better get with the program!!!


All I can say is having a baby better be worth it!

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