I Shaved My Legs Today

January 14, 2013 Leave your thoughts

I shaved my legs today. If you can call it that. During a quick shower session, I grabbed my razor and took about 4 swipes up the front of my shins.


Later, when I was sitting on the couch for dinner (yes, we watch tv during dinner!), the light caught my ankle area just right. What the hell was that? I reached down and rubbed my ankle/leg joint. Sure enough, there was an entire patch of leg hair that I missed and two strands were long enough to have been missed at least 25 times. Seriously, they were bordering on curly. What!?


I went upstairs, grabbed my razor and did a dry touch-up shave. That’s when I realized that the backs of my calves were also a bit rough. Then I looked at my thighs. They were covered in down. I’m not exactly sure the last time I shaved my entire legs; probably about two years ago.


I used to be lucky with my super fine blonde leg hair. Fortunately my thighs are still super fine and blonde! However, my front lower legs are not so lucky. A few years ago, I did some product testing for a New York Times article about hair removal products. After a few weeks of waxing, epilating, exfoliating and tweaking, my leg hair started to grow in darker and coarser. I thought that was an old wives tale. Not true!


But shaving isn’t really my problem. I choose to shave my legs. The Marathon Chick is my favorite skirt after all – shaved legs make it even more special! I could just grow my leg hair out and be happy with that too. Here’s my real problem. I’m always rushing around. I have no time to spare. I can’t remember the last time I was lounging around, doing nothing, just killing time. So something like shaving my legs is currently not my first priority.


So here’s to my patchy legs that are less smooth than most men’s legs in Boulder. Someday I will be a better groomer, but for now, I will wear my patches as a badge of honor. For I live a very very full life.

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