Holy Relaxin Batman!

July 15, 2011 Leave your thoughts


I went to the gym this week for a short strength workout. Please note that I took two weeks away from the gym due to getting sick and getting busy (unfortunately not that kind of busy – ha!). So my goal was to return to my prenatal strength-training regimen with a basic re-introduction workout.


I gathered my little five pound weights, balance ball, and assorted toys, and began my prenatal routine. Keep in mind that I am now 35 weeks pregnant, and every week things seem to change. The biggest difference is that I am breathing a lot harder than normal. Maybe the 32 pounds of love that I’m carrying has something to do with that! I also had to reduce the weight on some of the machines (from little to very little!). I pride myself on listening to my body and being smart, so I figured I was following my gut (literally!) with this strategy.


After the gym, I went to work. After sitting in my chair for an hour, I stood up to join in on a cake-eating party for one of our employees. Side note: This is another activity I particularly enjoy while pregnant! Alas – something was amiss. My hip joints seemed, well, wobbly, for lack of a better description. Then I started remembering things. Last night when I bent over to grab the ice cream out of the freezer (jason, Add smiley here or other clip art graphic here), one leg sort of slipped to the side in an incredibly ungraceful, semi-mini-side-split. I felt a little “tweaky” in the hips. The next day at the gym, I did a few sets of side lunges which, for the first 34 weeks, had been no problem whatsoever.


Until now.


It seems that I have a new drug kicking in. It’s actually a hormone that I will supposedly be thankful for when I’m in the delivery room. It’s called Relaxin. Its job is to relax my muscles, joints, and ligaments, specifically in the pelvis area allowing my hips to expand and rotate. What it’s doing right now is making me feel nauseous!


I discovered that pregnant women waddle for a reason. It’s not because their bellies get so big or that their thighs rub together, although those symptoms can definitely add to the issue! They also don’t decide one day that it would be cool, cute, or a fun change to start waddling around town. No, this is serious stuff! In just a few weeks, my baby is going to squeeze through my pelvic bones. Relaxin is allowing my pelvic bones to widen for this upcoming event. The result? The pregnancy waddle.


On the flip side, I am using the sore hips as an excuse to burrow into the prenatal pillow I recently purchased. Tim has not complained even though there is no longer any room for him in our bed! I highly recommend a body pillow for anyone experiencing sleep annoyance. I have one from Leachco and is like one of those big drums they use to contain oil spills. Seriously!


In the meantime, Tim likes to say that I’m “between a walk and a waddle.” I’ve decided to embrace the waddle as a rite of passage. We’re almost there.


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