Getting Pregnant – Acupuncture, Weight Gain and Lifestyle Changes

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Let me start by saying that there is no control for this experiment. I can’t say that one factor is solely responsible for our ability to get pregnant. I’m just happy to share our path to pregnancy – maybe it’ll provide some ideas for those of you who are in the stages of trying.


I had been on birth control for a very long time, since I was about 18. At age 38, we decided to give it a go, so I needed to make sure all the parts were in working order after the past 20 years of purposely trying NOT to have a baby.


I always felt like I was in tune with my body, but you’d be surprised at how much there is to learn about having a baby. My OB had told me that if we had any trouble conceiving that it most likely wouldn’t be me (due to my regular cycles and general health). Instead, she said it would be Tim’s bike riding. I shared this with Tim and he was determined to prove her wrong!


If you are having trouble getting pregnant right away, there are lots of tools (some cheap, some expensive) to help you get dialed in. We started out by reading internet ovulation predictors, but they are clearly not scientific. Eventually, we bought ovulation sticks which detect when you release an egg. Once detected, you have this tiny window of opportunity (like 12 hours or something) when you can theoretically get pregnant.


I have lots of friends who got pregnant right away and others who needed to try more aggressive fertility treatments. Tim and I fell somewhere in the middle.


I read somewhere that after six months of trying to get pregnant with no results, you are considered infertile. At around the six month mark, I was at my chiropractor and he suggested that I get treated by a local Chinese acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. He said, “This guy has been knocking up older women in Boulder for years!” He told me that three months is the magic number, so I decided to give it a whirl.


Here’s my thinking: It may or may not work, but it won’t hurt. Yes, it costs a little money, but I knew that this was very important and my age wasn’t going to help matters so I may as well try everything.


In January I went for my first treatment. I laid on the table for a general treatment and was then told not to eat any salads. He also sent me home with herbs. I’m talking about Ancient Chinese Secret herbs (roots and berries and tree trunks!) that I had to boil with a certain protocol and drink twice a day.


I also put on about three pounds (not purposely, mainly due to travel) and I can’t say for sure, but it may have created a healthier foundation. And I also started to revise my exercise goals. I decided not to train for anything rigorous for the foreseeable future. It was VERY tough to do this, and the extra few pounds (I was 140 when I got pregnant) didn’t help emotionally, but I knew there was a bigger goal in mind.


Sure enough, in March (three months later), we got pregnant!


At my next visit, after listening to my pulse, he sat me down and gave me a lecture. He said, “You need to make some changes. You need to take 20-30% of your job and give it to someone else. You need to be more moderate in all the things you do. You need to make a happy baby.”


I took that to heart. The changes are actually a bit of a relief!


When I was 8 weeks pregnant, I asked if he could determine the baby’s sex. He said yes, that he could tell as early as 6 weeks when the heart is forming. Another Ancient Chinese Secret! After listening to my pulse points for a while, he looked up at me with a big grin and said, “Do you want to know?” I nodded vigorously.


He said, “Likelihood of girl is greater than boy.”


What do you think?!!!!



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