8 – Pam Burrus on The Power of Connecting

April 26, 2016 5 Comments



Meet Pam Burrus, founder of Moms Run This Town / She Runs This Town. I met Pam a couple years ago in a coffee shop in Chicago and we immediately hit it off. Let’s just say we didn’t need coffee to summon any energy! Pam is all about helping women find their happy place. Here’s a snippet of what we talk about today. Be prepared – this one is a long run!


  • pamandkid

    Here’s the little Mini Me Pam talks about!

    The “Creative Thinking Gene”

  • Genesis of MRTT
  • Why calling yourself slow is a no-no
  • Importance of building a team
  • The “Real Body Mannequin Project” Dream


If you want to get involved with Moms Run this Town / She Runs This Town, go to the website and search for your local chapter. Membership is FREE! We all love free! Also – if you are inspired by the idea of the Real Mannequin Project, comment below and I’ll pass it along to Pam.


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  • CAL says:

    Real mannequin project IS truly a BRILLIANT idea!! The whole thigh gap “debate”/discussion brought a poignant smile: I still sometimes deal with the “shame” of being told at age 14 by boy I had a crush on that I had frog legs – implying that the hot girls had a thigh gap, I didn’t, ergo, I wasn’t a hottie! And, I wish there was a “We Run This Town” version of Pam’s tshirt, lol!

    • So true! Why do we all remember the one negative comment that made us feel like crap! Here’s to a world full of real inspiration. I hope we can get this project off the ground!

    • Pam Burrus says:

      If only the domain name weren’t taken we WOULD be “we” run this town – however……………… I’m totally open to doing a shirt with we run this town. Wonder if it could be printed on a Skirt Sports shirt…… hmmmmmmmmm.
      PS the closer your legs are to touching the closer you are to being a mermaid so who’s the real winner here 😉 (although I have days of thigh gap and days of mermaid leg so I’m just kinda all over the place 😉 )

  • Elizabeth says:

    Why don’t running clothes companies (Oiselle?) and actual fashion companies that aim at us want to fund Real Mannequin?

    By the way, my main problem with women’s running clothes is that they are all too small–so please don’t forget those of us on the other end of the spectrum! I wear a size 12-14 in non-run clothes, am 5’10”, wear a 10.5 in running shoes, and have strong calves that say “I played soccer my whole life.” Running pants are never long enough, and the ones that are long enough rarely have added anything to the rise (so I can cover my legs, but I get a wedgie). Below-the-knee crops don’t reach below my knee. The 3/4 tights look like I’m waiting for the flood to arrive, Running tops bare my belly at times.

    Yes, technically I could stand to lose 10 pounds or so (or gain that in muscle), but if you look at my pictures you don’t think, “gee, that girl is overweight” or “looks like an extra-large to me.” Yet in Nike tops I need XXL! What do actually extra-large sized people do??

    • Elizabeth – Believe me, I hear you! You bring up some great points. First of all, THANK YOU for commenting on this. I think the Real Women Mannequin project is brilliant. I hope that Skirt Sports will be able to fund it in the future. Why not buck the system and show women what product will look like on their real bodies instead of making women think they need to change their bodies to match the unrealistic mannequins?!

      As for your gorgeous tall-ness. It’s funny. For years, I have listened to women walk into Skirt Sports and literally say something along these lines, “I’d love to try some products on, but I can never find anything that fits me because my body is weird.” She’s referring to her long torso, or strong calves or DD cups, or that she doesn’t like her knees to show. The point is: Most women have something that bugs them. I think the goal should be to love and embrace all of our selves. The problem like you mention, is that many brands make products that don’t fit real bodies and that perpetuates the insecurities.

      Give http://www.skirtsports.com/ a try – you would be a large in our products. Lots of incredible styles. But we can’t solve the inseam length issue, except with the Tough Girl Skirt that comes in Long.

      Thank you for speaking up – I can guarantee there are other women nodding their heads in agreement!

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