7 – Kim & Jake Rosenbarger on Gluten Free Living

April 15, 2016 2 Comments



Welcome to Episode 6 of Run This World. Today’s episode features my friends, Kim &
Jake Rosenbarger, owner of Kim & Jake’s gluten free bakery. They started with a cake shop in Boulder and have expanded This is my first husband-wife interview. I wish we were on video because the spousal dynamic was pretty awesome.


In today’s episode, we cover lots of delicious stuff.


  • Why they started a gluten-free bakery
  • Lots of discussion about gluten free cake and delicious Gluten free treats
  • Gluten free industry and food/eating trends
  • Home delivery meal prep services like Blue Apron and Green Chef
  • How to successfully run a business with your spouse
  • What celiac disease is, including signs, symptoms and how to diagnose it


Kim-and-Jakes-Gluten-Free-BakeryFor local Colorado listeners, as a special treat, grab a friend and head over to their cake shop in South Boulder on Table Mesa and Broadway. Just mention this podcast and you’ll get a Buy One Get one free cupcake – any flavor. I promise they are DELISH! Be prepared to be hooked.


I hope you enjoyed the show today. Please share it with a friend, comment here and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I want to hear your thoughts and feedback and any suggestions you have for future guests. Now let’s get out there and Run This World!

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  • Shari Olson says:

    I loved this episode! I’ve had their cakes at the SS 13’er in the past (best cake ever!) and I’m SOOOOOOO sad I can’t run it this year!! 🙁 By the time I got around to thinking about registering (back in Feb or March it was) my work schedule was already set in stone. I’ve held out hope til now hoping for a last minute change in schedule, but it just got busier so even my backup idea of just coming after work to hang out at the finish line isn’t possible. Did I mention how sad I am?
    Good luck to all who run it, I LOVE that course!

    • Shari, We missed you! But you know you can always get out there and conquer that hill anyday! Just let me know and I’ll join you. And I’m sorry to make it worse for you, but the cake was the best ever – including two vegan versions. Next year we will tell your boss that cranking up hills and eating GF cake is more important to your overall well-being than work!

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