29 – Mary T Callahan on Why What We Say and Do is Important

November 4, 2016 Leave your thoughts

313317_221244374680350_836985569_nMary T Callahan is a powerhouse. She’s the Executive Director of the Girls on the Run of Greater Houston chapter and has made it her life’s work to help develop young girls into the strong, confident leaders they can become. Mary T grew up running in the 70s when people would literally stop her on the street and ask her if she needed a ride. She still has a scar from running in bras before sports bras were invented!

I recently spoke at the Girls on the Run of Greater Houston annual luncheon and was touched by the passion in the room, especially the table of middle school girls who attended. This year alone, GOTR Greater Houston will affect 2000+ girls’ lives (700 in a single program – that’s a lot of middle school girls at once!), not to mention the lives of their families. This is powerful stuff. Donations for GOTR Greater Houston are important in making big changes in the lives of these incredible girls.
Today we talk about:

  • Longevity in ru13062143_10153381906612735_3771649634926325593_nnning
  • Longevity in marriage!
  • How to help someone cope with serious trauma
  • Gaining 70 pounds during pregnancy (at only 5′ tall!)
  • Menopause
  • Being a role model for girls
  • Bullying
  • Running (a marathon) on all seven continents
  • and more

482301_221244564680331_1354200545_nMary T has a beautiful mantra, “Positive thoughts. Positive actions. Positive results.” and her final nugget really rings true, “As you think, so shall you be.”

If you want to get involved with GOTR in any capacity, please contact Mary T. And if you want to run a marathon on all seven continents, she’d be happy to guide you too!

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