26 – Sue Jacques Life Lessons From a Death Investigator

October 13, 2016 5 Comments

suejacqueshighresheadshot1Sue Jacques is the original Forensic Death Investigator. She came before death was sexy. Before Law & Order and CSI. She and Quincy could have been friends. Sue had a long career analyzing death. She was one of the first people on the scene and her job was to help determine how death occurred. She learned a lot about the details of death, from a scientific and analysis standpoint.

But it’s what she learned about people that left a lifelong impression on her. Sue was sometimes the person who had to notify others that their loved ones were gone. She witnessed so much pain, suffering and emotion on the job. And through it all, she learned important lessons on how to LIVE more fully because the one great equalizer for all of us is death.



We spent some time uncovering her EIGHT Life Lessons of a Death Investigator. You need to listen to these lessons as they take on a different meaning when you really HEAR them.


For more on Sue, definitely check out her Evoso Live talk from May 2016. She is a rockstar, or should we say rapstar! Please visit her website www.suejacques.com to learn more!

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  • susie marglin says:

    thank you! A very credible speaker with a message that cannot be repeated often enough. I will pause more often to give that precious moment a second thought before I do potential harm. One’s heart knows when they are heading in that direction wether with one’s children, partner, sales clerk or phone solicitor or person in Costco who hits you with their cart in apparent oblivion.

  • Ellen Buckho says:

    Wow, this might be the best one yet! Love the life lessons!

  • Great podcast !! Absolutely loved the life lessons. I did fastest 5km run (still have a couple of minutes to go on the podcast) listening to this. Today I have spoken to people at work about it, especially about ‘pregret’. Thanks Nicole for all the podcasts you have done, really enjoy them but this one was the best. Sue I will be looking your book/blog.

  • Jeanne says:

    Wonderful thoughts! I had such a hard time with my husband’s death 7 years ago. Life is truly a marathon. I’ve run 5K’s & 10K’s but now I realize I have finished the greatest marathon of all. I have survived 2 bouts of breast cancer & his death from colon cancer. I am still here & sometimes I do wonder how I am still alive. Sue’s words now show me I dd it by putting one foot in front of the other every day.

  • Another wonderful podcast! Thanks so much for sharing Sue’s experience with us. I will remember her words for a long time.

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