18 – Brook Eddy Founder of Bhakti on Being Reflective

August 3, 2016 Leave your thoughts


Brook Eddy has been following her passion for over a decade. A trip to India when she was seeking life inspiration turned into a new business venture that she has been pursuing ever since – called Bhakti. And thanks to her we have easy-access to lovely chai tea products, especially for the lactose-intolerant among us. Being a pioneer in a new category is not easy and Brook was both open and willing to discuss the ups, downs & all-arounds she’s faced as a woman leader in the beverage industry.


brook_babies_fullpicwborderIn this episode we discuss:

  • How inspiration hits when you least expect it
  • Starting a business with twin babies in tow
  • How a triple bottom line philosophy can actually work
  • Chai tea 101
  • Her philosophy on sleep and why she never feels guilty for catching up on it
  • Brook’s takeaway nugget is all about calming down! (see exclamation point doesn’t really fit – I may need to work on this one!

0f0ae4e4d4afcf2c5c90e7a88cdefedbBhakti has so many incredible products available in grocery outlets around the country including their trademark cold chai teas in a variety of flavors and sweetness levels. Plus, they recently launched a line of delicious Sparkling Teas (first to market – way to go Brook!). Finally, and maybe most importantly today, Bhakti is collaborating with another incredible woman-led brand, Noosa Yoghurt, with a new Bhakti flavored Noosa!


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