17 – Sara Vaughn Mom of Three Defying the Odds at Olympic Trials

July 29, 2016 Leave your thoughts


QOIlC0fwWhen you first meet Sara Vaughn, you would never think she is one of the best runners in America. The 30 year old, mom of three, is small and unassuming. It’s when she starts talking that you can feel her competitive drive and serious passion for running, family and life.


Sara has been running competitively for over a decade, most recently making the finals of the 1500m at the US Olympic Track & Field Trials. Her results are phenomenal considering her story – which I believe needs to be heard.


Sara got pregnant at 20 while running at CU (with her still-married-to-the-same-guy-husband by the way!) and instead of dropping out of school and ending her running career, she persevered. It wasn’t until ten years later (and three kids – the youngest of which is only 11 months), that she is finding her stride with a more balanced and grateful approach than most elite athletes will ever understand.


Olympic Trials, 2016We talk about the following:

  • Sara’s background
  • Her Olympic Trials experience
  • What she feels is important to be the best you can be
  • How becoming a mom influenced her career
  • Why it’s important to do other things
  • And more!


S_Vaughn_BioThe most fun part of this episode was probably the fact that we were both balancing motherhood, work and sport doing a podcast while our kids played outside. Let’s just say there were at least three intermissions that may have included some crying or whining! But we survived and thrived.


I hope you enjoy this one and if you want to connect with Sara, please friend her on Facebook or Instagram @smevaugh or Twitter @MomVaughn- she is happy and willing to share and help others!

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