13 – Tricia Downing on People, Passion & Purpose

June 21, 2016 1 Comment

challenged athletes triathlon challenge 2014-dsc_6037_t940Welcome to Episode 13 of Run This World with my special guest Tricia Downing. I recall meeting Tricia as a wheelchair athlete after she had her accident. However, since my memory is not the greatest, she reminded me that we actually met in 1997, a few years before her accident, when she was an aspiring competitive cyclist. Apparently a mutual friend had organized a dinner at which both she and Tony DeBoom (my brother-in-law) were being semi-set-up! In a parallel universe, we might have shared the same last name!

podiumFast forward almost two decades. Today Tricia is making a bigger impact on the world than she ever imagined. Tricia is a disabled athlete (or as she says, we could debate the fact that we all have disabilities for hours!). In September 2000, she was struck head-on by a car during a bike ride and paralyzed from the chest down.


bookAfter a period of recovery, acceptance, and reframing her purpose in this world, Tricia has become a true hero to many. Her book, “Cycle of Hope” and her non-profit of the same name, bring joy and perspective to many through her all-women’s Camp Discovery. Today Tricia is a competitive wheelchair athlete, motivational speaker, philanthropist, author and more, bringing hope and inspiration to people all over the world. I had the honor of participating in one of her latest projects called She’s Got Grit, a video series highlighting female athletes with disabilities who compete at the highest levels.


In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Tricia’s story, from able-bodied to disabled athlete
  • The three P’s: People, Passion, Purpose
  • The magic of athletics during tough times
  • How to avoid the victim trap
  • Why helping other people is the most important thing you can do for yourself


I hope you enjoy the show. Please give me feedback, comments and suggestions for future shows. I’m always trying to do better and want to hear from you! If you have a minute, go to iTunes and write a review of Run This World with Nicole DeBoom.


Now get out there and Run Your World in a bigger and better way than you did before!

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